*	If you are hacking and defacing web servers, don't you think you 
		should know basic HTML?

		Referencing images from file:/// (ie: your local drive) does not work.

		Including file:/// tags with /last_name/first_name/ is a great way to
		get caught. Remember, law enforcement uses this mirror just as much
		as hackers do.

		Using HTML generators that use images for lines and such, and forgetting
		to include the images provides for ugly pages with more broken images
		than anything.

		Forgetting to close out tags often breaks HTML and makes the entire
		page completely unviewable.

		Don't senselessly deface sites. It accomplishes nothing. It does not 
		show you are a skilled hacker, and it does not impress people. Use
		your head and figure a way to be creative at least.

							- ATTRITION staff