Sections of ATTRITION that have received the 'FIN' tag. This means they will no longer be updated, but they will remain here for reference.


One of the most predominant sections of Attrition was the defacement mirror. What began as a small collection of web site defacement mirrors soon turned into a near 24/7 chore of keeping it up to date. In 2000 and 2001, we experienced single days of mirroring over 100 defaced web sites, over three times the total for 1995 and 1996 combined. With the rapid increase in web defacement activity, there were times when it required one of us to take mirrors for four or five hours straight to catch up. Added to that the scripts and utilities needed to keep the mirror updated, statistics generated, mail lists maintained, the time required for basic functionality was immense. A "hobby" is supposed to be enjoyable. Maintaining the mirror finally became a thankless chore.

Mirror / Defacement Commentary

While running the mirror (see above), we frequently wrote commentary about specific defacements, trends and related topics.

Dataloss Database

As part of the Errata Project, we began tracking incidents of data loss. This included large scale incidents of personal information being compromised or misplaced. In time, this was moved to the Open Security Foundation and turned into its own project.


Negation was a small project to debunk John Vranesevich and to show everyone that they were nothing more than industry charlatans, and should not have been viewed as "experts" on anything related to security and hacking.


The truth about Carolyn Meinel, her lies, slander and errata. Meinel is another industry charlatan that preys on the young and stupid.

High Slander

Various people or groups who have slandered Attrition or staff members. Eventually some of this broke out into their own sections, specifically 'Negation' and 'Shame'.


Fucked Up College Kids was an e-zine started in 1993 by Jericho. It lived for over five years and provided a forum for many young writers to express their views and vent their frustrations.

F.U.C.K. Poetry

Fucked Up College Kids had a side project focused on user submitted poetry.

Attrition Contests

Random contests that we came up with.

DoS Database

The Denial of Service database began as a small private collection of DoS attack info. It was first made public for the security firm RSI and later moved to Attrition. Because of the enormous volume of DoS attacks being discovered, and the limited use of such a database, it was never updated. It has been left intact to show the wide variety of problems that can exist in software packages and operating systems.

Text Archive

The text archive was created and maintained for over a year to combat the problem of text files vanishing off the net. As more and more sites would go down, less people seemed to preserve these files for various reasons (historic, information, posterity). This archive will remain here but will no longer be updated with new files.

Image Gallery

Over the years we've all seen humorous images passed around the net. Attrition began collecting these images and putting them in one location. It was a well organized collection without popups, banners, mandatory registration, image branding, etc. Due to heavy inline linking of our images, it was causing a huge strain on our bandwidth and served little purpose and brought little value to the site.

Security Advisory Archive

The security advisory archive was originally maintained to preserve advisories posted to mail lists when security company websites barely lasted a year and no sites archived the mail list posts. Rather than have the information disappear forever, we archived it. These days there are dozens of sites that archive such postings. Combined with the fact that formal advisories make up a small percent of vulnerability disclosures, and this archive is obsolete. For more detailed and complete information on security vulnerabilities, please visit the Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB) for more information.

Firearms Demystified

One of the original sections of Attrition maintained by Cancer Omega, a gun owner and advocate for safe gun handling and responsible ownership. At the time there were basically no tutorials on guns like this and they continue to be references 20 years later.

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